TalkingChina #5

In TalkingChina#5 professor Mierzejewski discusses the role of Guangdong and the city of Guangzhou in China’s economic diplomacy. The interaction between East and West occurred fairly early on in this southern part of China and played a crucial function in shaping China’s economic and social development. The first part presents the international outreach of Guangdong and Guangzhou via sister-cities platforms and local level multilateralism. Both have very practical dimensions: the Southern province is exploring foreign markets and looking for external recourses to develop the local economy. The second part illustrates the international trade, dependency on international markets and investments sponsored by the local companies e.g. Kra Canal in Thailand. Finally, Mierzejewski touches the problems faced by the local high-tech champions in the time of the US-China Trade War and the possible solutions that might bring double inclusive-exclusive outcomes for the future of the Chinese economy. The podcast is based on the research supported by the National Science Center „The role of local governments in China’s foreign policy” UMO-2017/25/B/HS5/02117. Please check UŁ-Podcast at https://bit.ly/2U0PhZ5