TalkingChina #5

In TalkingChina#5 professor Mierzejewski discusses the role of Guangdong and the city of Guangzhou in China’s economic diplomacy. The interaction between East and West occurred fairly early on in this southern part of China and played a crucial function in shaping China’s economic and social development. The first part presents the international outreach of Guangdong…


TalkingChina #4

COVID-19 in Sino-Russian border: Heilongjiang and the Russian Far East Heilongjiang is a beautiful place with massive territories, complicated histories and great potential. Mierzejewski in #TalkingChina4 explains the relations between China and Russia at the local level with particular regard to the role of Heilongjiang province. The podcast starts with presenting the current situation with the Coronavirus…


TalkingChina #3

In January 2020, before the Coronavirus outbreak, Xi Jinping paid the first foreign trip to Myanmar. Both sides signed 33 agreements and MOUs, and China promised to invest in multibillion-dollar infrastructure projects. But, the question is who is a major player in Sino-Myanmar relations? The answer is the provincial-level government in Yunnan. Prof. Mierzejewski in…


TalkingChina #2

Professor Mierzejewski in Talking China#2 discusses the interpretations of the central government-sponsored policy of Belt and Road at the provincial level. In the first part he presents the definition of bridgehead/桥头堡 and checker/排头兵frequently use by the provincial level governments. The core question addressed here touches the different interpretations and contextualization of BRI in different regions…


TalkingChina #1

Center for Asian Affairs at the University of Lodz starts the short discussions on China and Japan titled Talking China and Talking Japan. Prof. Mierzejewski is in charge of China’s stories and Marcin Socha Ph.D., the research fellow at the Center for Asian Affairs, will talk about Japan. We welcome all of you to listen to us and learn…


17+1 i Trójmorze: co dalej?

Ostatni szczyt inicjatywy Trójmorza z słoweńskiej Brdzie (miasto pod Ljubjaną) daje spory materiał do przemyśleń w kontekście dalszego zaangażowania Chińskiej Republiki Ludowej w regionie Europy Środkowej i Wschodniej. Na ile możliwa będzie współpraca a na ile zaangażowanie Waszyngtonu będzie limitowało obszary współpracy w ramach 17+1? Wymownym w tym kontekście jest fakt, że pierwsze spotkanie Inicjatywy…


Discussing “China’s Voice” #4 (钟声)

Recently, “China’s Voice” discussed China’s tensions with the United States. Three consecutive commentaries introduced the Chinese position on Mike Pence’s statement from last year; discussions over intellectual property rights; and the race-based statement made by Kiron Skinner, the State Department’s director of policy planning. The first commentary is mainly based on presenting the American missionary…


Dialog Azjatycki w Pekinie

Azjatycki Dialog Międzycywilizacyjny zaczęty. W przemówieniu otwierającym Przewodniczący Xi Jinping zapewniał o otwartości, działaniach na rzecz dialogu i pokojowych wartościach azjatyckich. Ponadto swoje wystąpienia przedłożyli prezydenci Grecji – Prokopis Pavlopoulos, Singapuru – Halimah Yacob, Armenii – Nikol Pashinyan, Sri Lanki – Maithripala Sirisena, król Kambodży – Norodom Sihamoni oraz szefowa UNESCO – Audrey Azoulay. Konferencja…


Discussing “China’s Voice” #3 (钟声)

The „golden week” in China started with a commentary in „China’s Voice” (1st May 2019) about building a community of common destiny. Introduced by Chairman Xi Jinping, this political slogan reflects China’s idealistic goals of shaping peace among human beings. Although idealistic, the concept has become the key point in China’s foreign narrative, one that…


Discussing “China’s Voice” #2 (钟声)

On the eve of the next Belt and Road Summit, “China’s Voice” (18th April, 2019) presents the Chinese view on the current course of events. As can be imagined, the perspective offered is a very positive and optimistic one. Against the backdrop of unilateralism and economic protectionism, China advocates global economic interdependence. Belt and Road…