The obligatory courses describe the basic situation in Poland throughout the historical, economical, sociological and bilateral relations perspective. It will also present Polish achievements in the field of mathematical sciences.

In first part the students will acquire the knowledge on Polish history since the Medieval times to modern times. The courses brings the students to areas of relations between Poland and Central Europe during the Medieval times, then to Poland and Lithuania Commonwealth, the period of partitions 1795-1918 and Polish modern transformation. Special attention will be paid to the history of Lodz – the industrial city where the student from China will stay during the summer school. We offer special courses on post-industrial heritage of the city of Lodz, with its revitalization projects like New Center of Lodz City and special workshop in the Museum of Art.

Furthermore the students will experience a presentation of contribution of the Polish mathematical school into the world of mathematical investigations.

In second part the courses are to advance students’ knowledge on Polish economy and society, including some aspects of doing business in Poland. Students will be reintroduced to the current macroeconomic situation of Poland as a European Union member, recent business trends in Poland and on-going research on Polish economy and society. The course develops some fundamental economic concepts, ideas or models, and explains them in specific social context. By completing the course, students have a deeper understanding of macro- and microeconomics, illustrated with Polish background. They obtain a greater knowledge on Polish society and understand the specifics of doing business in Poland.

Moreover Chinese students will enjoy the special Polish languange classes. We will teach „survival Polish” and Chinese students will be taught basic Polish sentences that allow them to contact with Polish people. The course will be conducted by experienced Polish language teacher. Our Chinese friends will feel Polish language flavour!

Finally we also offer special workshop on China and Poland conducted in Chinese by University of Lodz scholars. The special workshop is dedicated to discussing issues of Visegrad Four, 16+1 and European Union cooperation with China. The major point of the meeting is divided to the role of local authorities in shaping Sino-Polish relations. Prior to this workshop the lecture on Sino-Polish relations will be delivered in Chinese.