Faculty of Economics and Sociology

Insights into Polish economy, business and society

The aim of this module is to introduce the key fiscal policies, financial and budgetary processes in Polish public sector and the basic economic indicators of Poland. There will be also explanation to questions such as how does Polish banking system works and we will analyze how the system and monetary policy determine the money supply. Demographic topics of this module will familiarize students with demographic trends in Poland and European Union and discuss demographic changes from historical perspective. This will be forwarded with the current state of entrepreneurship research including advancing theoretical knowledge of venture creation process, developing their entrepreneurial competences and enhancing their entrepreneurial behaviour and thinking, accompanied with positive emotions towards venture start-up. By completing this part, students will understand the broad meaning of entrepreneurship and the essence of entrepreneurial thinking and recognize basic theoretical approaches in entrepreneurship research. Lastly, students will gain basic knowledge of basic indicators of Poland’s economy and relate them to the development indicators of other European Union members.

The module consist of:

  1. Macroeconomic situation of Poland and other European Union Members
  2. Fiscal policy in Poland
  3. Polish banking system
  4. Demographics of Poland
  5. Contemporary problems and challenges of Polish urban and rural population
  6. Entrepreneurship

For further details please download this selective module detailed overview