Center for Asian Affairs (CAA)

Motto: Think Local, Think Asia, Think Global.

The Center for Asian Affairs is a think tank for local and central government authorities as well as business support institutions in Poland, Central Europe and broaden Europe operating in Asia.

The Center for Asian Affairs is closely tied to the ever-increasing role of countries located in East Asia economically, politically and culturally, especially China, and the need to observe and monitor the processes occurring in the region. The rising significance of contacts (both business and personal), mainly in China, Japan, South Korea and in the near future South and South East Asia, calls for the creation of a think tank that will be able to provide advice regarding activities conducted by local and central governments as well as business support institutions in Asia. CAA fulfils an advisory and consultant role, while also establishing new contacts with Asian countries that will help conduct various activities at both the local and central government level. On the monthly basis CAA publishes six monitors: “China Monitor”, “Japan Monitor”, “Korean Peninsula Monitor”, “Vietnam Monitor”, “ASEAN Monitor” and “China in the Balkans Monitor”. Moreover, CAA publishes up-to-date commentaries on the recent dynamics in East Asian and in Asia-Europe relations.

The Center for Asian Studies is an initiative of the University of Lodz supported by Lodz Voivodeship Marshal’s Office, Lodz City Office and Lodz Special Economic Zone. CAA cooperates with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Navigation and one of the biggest mining company in Poland KGHM. CAA is a member of East Asia Net Network and Silk Road Think-Tank Network. The Centre operates by domestic and foreign partnerships. The partners of the centre will be research institutes in Poland, Europe, Asian countries and the United States.

CAA’s Mission:

CAA is an interdisciplinary unit that brings together academics from the University of Lodz, research and teaching units at home and abroad, as well as business and political practitioners, whose research and teaching interests, combined with years of experience, mainly focus on countries located in East Asia.

The primary objectives of CAA are:

  1. researching the field of improvement and effective operation of central and local government authorities and business support institutions operating in Asia;
  2. preparing recommendations before visits to Asian countries and visits of Asian delegations to Poland;
  3. the preparation of studies and analyses in the following fields: trade (with particular emphasis on the promotion and export of European products to Asian markets), investment opportunities, market analyses, and the legal, cultural and political conditions in a particular country;
  4. creating the possibility of paid and unpaid internships that will give the opportunity to prepare better those undertaking the internships for work in an Asian environment;
  5. raise awareness of East Asia at the local, national and international levels;
  6. conducting training in the fields of political activity, business, culture and education.

Contact details:

Center for Asian Affairs
1/5 Franciszkańska St.
Code: 91-431
Tel/fax: 42 665 54 82