TalkingChina #4

COVID-19 in Sino-Russian border: Heilongjiang and the Russian Far East

Heilongjiang is a beautiful place with massive territories, complicated histories and great potential. Mierzejewski in #TalkingChina4 explains the relations between China and Russia at the local level with particular regard to the role of Heilongjiang province. The podcast starts with presenting the current situation with the Coronavirus when the city of Harbin, beautiful place, full of the XIX Century histories is on the lockdown. Then prof. Mierzejewski debates the three dimensions of the Sino-Russian border governance and Heilongjiang province role in state relations: first, the historical dimensions and common perceptions, second Heilongjiang provincial plans and investments in the Russian Far East and third the case of Heihe Blagoveshchensk cooperation. The primary argument is based on the fact that the Belt and Road Initiative as the big national project has stimulated cordial relations between Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin and by this mean pushed Heilongjiang into the Russian hand. The same time it limits provincial cooperation with Japan and South Korea. The podcast is based on the research supported by the National Science Center „The role of local governments in China’s foreign policy”UMO-2017/25/B/HS5/02117. Please check UŁ-Podcast here.