TalkingChina #1

Center for Asian Affairs at the University of Lodz starts the short discussions on China and Japan titled Talking China and Talking Japan. Prof. Mierzejewski is in charge of China’s stories and Marcin Socha Ph.D., the research fellow at the Center for Asian Affairs, will talk about Japan. We welcome all of you to listen to us and learn more about contemporary Asia. The first Talking China discusses the dynamics in the People’s Republic of China over the last 70 years. Prof. Mierzejewski debates the historical continuity in domestic affairs: mass mobilization campaigns, the transition of power, and localism, in the foreign affairs the common denominators are as follow: equality and post-Opium War trauma, cultural understanding of tianxia and finally economic development. In the end, prof. Mierzejewski explains the meaning of the old Chinese phrase 三十年河东 三十年河西. Please check UŁ-Podcast at http://bit.ly/2TL7wSS