FocusOSA #43: Wietnam w EŚW

Kolejnym rozdziałem w relacjach Hanoi z państwami Europy Środkowo-Wschodniej była wizyta sekretarza generalnego Komunistycznej Partii Wietnamu Nguyễn Phú Trọnga na Węgrzech między 8 a 11 września. Kluczowym jej elementem było ogłoszenie zawarcia wszechstronnego partnerstwa między Hanoi a Budapesztem, co miało podkreślić rosnące znaczenie bilateralnych relacji. Wizycie sekretarza Trọng na Węgrzech towarzyszyło również podpisanie licznych umów…


FocusOSA #22: Vietnam: Foreign Affairs

Recently Vietnam has played an active role in Asia Pacific Parliamentary Forum meeting. At present the organisation, established in 1993, includes 27 countries of the region and the government in Hanoi has been enhancing its diplomatic activity within the framework of the APPF since it joined the group. Forum meeting has been the second event…


FocusOSA #14: Vietnam: Foreign Affairs

Representatives of the Mekong river basin, meeting within the framework of Lancang Mekong Cooperation initiative, focused primarily on a few issues  which are  to catalyse further co-operation. Ministers of Foreign Affairs  stated that establishing LMC national secretariats, which will be responsible for implementing plans at a national level, is required. Also, it is necessary to…


FocusOSA #10: Vietnam: Foreign Affairs

In November the world’s attention was focussed on Vietnam due to Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit held in  Đà Nẵng. The APEC week was a crowning achievement of nearly year-long preparations and 240 meetings, attended by about 21 thousand representatives of the APEC states. A week before the summit Vietnam had been hit by Damrey typhoon,…


FocusOSA #4: Vietnam: Foreign Affairs

At the Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy, held at the end of October in Rangoon, the issue of sustainable and fair use of the Mekong River resources was discussed. So far none of the existing formulas such as the Mekong River Commission, the Greater Mekong Subregion, a Chinese proposal i.e. Lancang Cooperation…